Terms and Conditions

User Agreement  

These Terms and Conditions are a contract between you and Hynafol governing your participation in a Hynafol event. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you agree that you (and all persons for whom you purchase a ticket) are 18 years of age or older or have a legal guardian present throughout the event, and have read through all terms, conditions, documents, and waivers. You will be required to provide proof of age via government issued photo ID upon arrival.


Refund & Insurance Policy

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree that you are responsible for the entire cost of the ticket for Hynafol. Ticket(s) are eligible for a full refund through Hynafol only if the refund request is made within 24 hours of purchase.

The Hynafol Refund Policy can be read in full here.

Code of Conduct

General Summary

You are responsible for everything in this document. In order to make things succinct we have written a one page summary to help keep things simple. However, you will be held accountable for everything in this code of conduct.

  1. Build Good Culture. Hynafol is really the people that make up the community. We aspire to be welcoming, generous and friendly in all we do. You should follow the Golden Rule + Grandma: Treat others the way you want to be treated; unless you don’t know how to treat them: then be as respectful as you would be to your grandmother.
  2. Zero Tolerance on Harassment. Texas Larp Company does not allow harassment, bullying, or hazing of any kind. This includes physical, verbal and sexual harassment. Harassment is persistent and unwanted attention or speech. If you are harassing individuals in attendance of any Texas Larp Company event you will be removed without refund.
  3. Zero Tolerance on Bullying. Texas Larp Company is a welcoming and inclusive place for people of all abilities. There is no tolerance for pressuring people into any kind of unwanted situation. Whether that be on the battlefield or their roleplay choices. You may not pressure people into doing anything at any time.
  4. Zero Tolerance on Sexual Assault. Sexual Assault is any non-consensual sexual touching of a person. If your hands are not asked for or been given a sober, verbal affirmation of touching, they should not be on another person. Any kind of touching should be verbally consented to before it begins.
  5. Policing is Forbidden. It is not your responsibility to enforce these rules. That’s the job of the staff and owners of Hynafol. If you are the victim of someone breaking these rules please report them to an owner, staff or volunteer of Hynafol.
  6. Zero Tolerance on Physical Assault. Physical assault is defined as an act of causing physical harm or unwanted physical contact to another person, or, in some legal definitions, the threat or attempt to do so.
  7. Do No Harm to Others. Participants should refrain from aiming to directly harm staff, volunteers, and other participants both in speech and action. Targeting individual persons, differentiating from their characters, in order to do them harm is forbidden. This rule is a guiding principle to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


Hynafol would like to welcome you to this amazing experience, a world of role-play, battles and adventure. At its core Hynafol is more than the people that form the community to bring the Experience to life. Our members are comprised of many people from all around the world with vastly different worldviews and beliefs. For its short history it has become a place that is warm, welcoming, friendly, hospitable and fun. Our aspiration is that Hynafol would always be a place for people to discover and explore not only the fantastic world of Hynafol, but more about whom they are.


This document is primarily designed to give a framework of how you should treat the other members, volunteers and staff of Hynafol. Our members come from many different places with many different beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds. Therefore, a set of expectations needs to be set in order for members to treat one another with respect and kindness. 

This is a roleplay organization: our aim is to enter into a make-believe world full of extraordinary characters, situations, and experiences that could not happen elsewhere. Our hope is to, as much as is possible, leave the trappings, distractions, and stressors of normal life behind in favor of something truly spectacular. In order to do that it takes the participation of all members to create an environment to facilitate that vision. We hope you’ll join us in this endeavor! 

The Goal of this Code of Conduct

The goal of the code of conduct is to create a respectful, kind and generous community. It is not designed as a cudgel to be wielded against one another. Instead the hope is that it will inspire members to rise above their differences that would normally separate them and instead celebrate them as a community made up of diverse individuals. 

However, Hynafol takes this code of conduct very seriously. Serious infractions of the zero tolerance rules are grounds for immediate removal from the event. The owners and staff will not hesitate to remove individuals that violate the spirit of these rules from Experiences, Events and the Community of Hynafol.

The code of conduct also applies to Hynafol’s online community which includes any groups, threads or other social media operated by Hynafol. All discussions and interactions must follow the guidelines in this code of conduct. 

What the Code of Conduct is not.

The owners, staff and volunteers of Hynafol shall bear no responsibility to enforce or oversee member’s individual speech, beliefs and values as long as they do not violate the principles above. Hynafol is also not responsible for settling minor conflicts, disputes, or arguments that reasonable adults should be able to settle amongst themselves.

As stated above you do not need to agree with every members life choices and beliefs, but you must respect them to be a part of this community. If you do not like or agree with another members life choices you have the freedom to not interact with them. You do not have the freedom to purposefully disrespect another member.

If you do not wish to speak with another person at the event no one will force you to interact with them. Instead you have freedom of association and may interact, or not interact, with whomever you like. There may be “in game” consequences for your unwillingness to interact with other members.


Staff Contact

Managing Director – Jordan Gwyther | jordan@hynafol.com

Best Practices of Hynafol

Being inclusive to people groups you do not often operate with can be challenging. Here are some things to remember that we think will help you get along, and include people who are different than you.

1. Be Respectful – Placing other people’s good and well-being above your own. Ask yourself the question, “What is best for the other person in this scenario?” 

2. Be Encouraging – Asking yourself the question, “How can I make this experience a positive one?” When faced with a challenge, how can you bring other people along, instead of putting them or yourself down?

3. Be Open Minded – Other people have different backgrounds than you do. Allow yourself to try new things and respond with respect and honest curiosity.

4. Be Forgiving – People make mistakes, say things without thinking, and have worldviews that affect them in unexpected ways. Give others the chance to learn, grow and apologize. Ask yourself, “How can I show mercy and kindness in this situation?”

4. Include other people – Ask new people to join you and your group on different adventures, even if it’s just going to get something to eat.

5. Role play with people outside of your guild, Kingdom or friend group – There are a lot of people in Hynafol! Get out and meet them all. Join in another guild’s activities. Invite guilds into your activities and make mischief, merriment and mayhem together.

6. Place the good of others above yourself – This is a repeat, but it is really important. If you’re in a situation that is contentious, ask yourself, “Is this going to be good for the other person? Or just me?” If it’s just you, seek a different solution that is good for the other person.

7. Have fun – Get out, explore, find new people to meet. Include other people in your activities. Above all keep things positive!‌

The Five Minute Rule

Should a situation arise in which people are upset, angry, or even remotely out of control they should be told to “Take 5”. At that point the individuals being asked to “Take 5” should immediately remove themselves from the situation. During the five minute break they should calm down, think about their choices and make a plan of action to resume play when they are emotionally, physically, and psychologically ready to do so.

If you are told to “Take 5”, by any volunteer, guild leader or staff you must follow the rule. No questions asked.

Do not abuse The Five Minute Rule. The five minute rule is not to be used for policing people’s behavior. It is used for de-escalation of intense situations where conflict is already happening.

This rule is designed to de-escalate a situation and give participants time to adequately calm down, collect their thoughts and look at the situation rationally. Then, and only then, can they resume play.

If at the end of the five minute break normal play cannot resume parties involved in the situation should contact a staff member immediately. Staff will then intervene and handle the situation appropriately. ‌

Sherwood Forest Faire Rules

You are responsible for complying with and obeying all rules, signs and directions posted by Sherwood Forest Faire while on the event premises. This includes respecting buildings, spaces, and facilities that are not in use by Hynafol.

Possible Disciplinary Steps for Violations

  • Discussion. Staff will pull players aside for a discussion of the events that transpired and to receive a written statement from all parties involved. At that time staff will give directions for resuming play. Staff’s directions should be followed exactly. This will be your first verbal warning. Multiple warnings can result in removal from the event.
  • Removal from Event. For repeated offenses, or offenses Texas Larp Company deems worthy, removing the individual from Texas Larp Company event, online communities, or all upcoming events may be deemed necessary.
  • Refunds for individuals removed from the event: organizers may choose to refund the costs of the participant, but are not required to do so. Individuals who violate the Code of Conduct during the event are not eligible for a refund.

Each complaint received by the organizers is evaluated on a case-by-case basis using the evidence presented, existing information about the participants in question, and ultimately, the judgement of the organizers. While the organizers will resolve most complaints internally, if the violation is serious enough, legal action may be pursued. The organizers will keep internally confidential any identifying details of the incident(s) in question unless the people involved request otherwise or in the case of legal obligations, such as a police investigation.‌

Removal from Texas Larp Company Event

Should you be removed from the event, whether that be by Texas Larp Company you will be removed immediately without further discussion. You will be responsible for your food, lodging transportation, and all other incidental costs from the event and back to your home residence. Texas Larp Company will not assist you in making travel plans in any manner.

Physical Altercations

There is a lot of mock combat at Hynafol. It is a ton of fun, and, for many of you, it is the reason you are attending this event. However, at Hynafol there is zero tolerance for physical altercations. This includes striking, pushing, grappling, or any kind of force or physical aggression. It is grounds for immediate removal from Hynafol events. No warnings will be issued. This is a one and done offense we take very seriously. ‌

Online Community Standards

The Official Hynafol Discord and any social media groups that are managed by Texas Larp Company employees and volunteers are an important part of our preparations for (and enjoyment of) the events. We use them to develop character ties, help each other to plan costuming and other things that are not covered by Texas Larp Company, and to get everyone up to speed on the rules, context, and role-playing opportunities of Hynafol.

Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory that members keep interactions in the groups positive and focused on community-building. These are not open forums for you to say anything you like.  These spaces are also not to be used to sell any product or service without prior written consent from Hynafol Management. We moderate our groups because it enables us to keep the conversations focused on the topics that are relevant to the community.

Other Online Interactions: Texas Larp Company cannot possibly oversee all online posting, communication and interactions between participants of Hynafol. Nor can Texas Larp Company mediate or make judgements, for or against, all members. This code of conduct is primarily aimed at building a community in Hynafol owned communities, Discord, and social media and should be applied there within, but is not solely limited to those spaces. ‌

Reporting Code of Conduct Violations

Participants can report harassment at any time. Please bring the issue to a staff member as soon as possible. Please note, however, that Texas Larp Company will only pursue reports made by those whom the code of conduct violation has directly affected first hand.

Online: Please report the issue to Jordan Gwyther (jordan@hynafol.com)

During the event: Please report the issue to the volunteer or staff member on duty and they will escalate the issue to an owner of Texas Larp Company.

Before the Event

If you are harassed or notice instances of harassment in the online forums, please notify the moderators of those forums immediately. If you are unable to reach the moderator or are uncomfortable with that person, please contact Jordan Gwyther. These messages will remain confidential, known only to the owners of Texas Larp Company. Reports received about registered participants prior to the event are subject to the same consequences as those received during the event.

During the Event

If a Code of Conduct violation occurs, please come to the community leader or on-duty staff person, or request that a friend do so on your behalf. You may also approach designated Texas Larp Company volunteers, who will assist you with finding the appropriate parties.

After the Event

We prefer that action is taken during the event, but should you have concerns after the event is over that you feel Organizers should be aware of, please contact Jordan Gwyther.

Battlefield and Combat

The battles, skirmishes and other fighting games at Hynafol are just that; games. They are not combat simulations or reenactments of real war. While we all roleplay that LARP combat is real, it is important to remember that it is not. It is a game that we play together, and so there are rules to enable safe play.

Calibrating Your Swings

This is not a heavy-touch LARP; this is a lightest-touch LARP. The only rule in regard to force is that a weapon must touch your opponent for it to count as a hit. There is no justification for hitting someone any harder than that. Please be aware at all times how much force you are putting into the swings of your weapon.  Striking with too much force is grounds for removal from the combat scenario.

Shield-bashing and Personal Contact

Personal contact of any kind, including shield bashing is not allowed. This includes hitting, throwing, grappling, or striking another person while in attendance of any Texas Larp Company related event.

Mandatory Larp Combat Training

In order to participate in the “battlefield” or other “combat” portions of Texas Larp Company experience participants agree that they will attend the “larp training” provided by Texas Larp Company. Sessions will be announced before the beginning of the event and held at reasonable times. 


We hope that we have set clear expectations for how we want members to interact with each other and ideas for how to be inclusive, and that you are ready for an exciting adventure with Texas Larp Company. If we all follow these policies, we will be able to avoid problems. With this many people, we can’t expect to have matching politics or ideologies, and this is the best way to avoid unnecessary conflict and hurting each other. If you have questions or concerns about these policies, please feel free to engage the community manager.‌


Future Contract & Release of Liability 

All participants of Hynafol will be required to sign a contract waiver before attendance that releases Hynafol, it’s employees, volunteers and all other associated parties from liability to you and anyone in your party.

Updated: February 14th, 2024