Refund Policy

Booking, Cancellation and Refund Policy.
The Participant acknowledges that they are paying for Texas Larp Company dba Hynafol’s time and resources. While events take place at specified dates and times the interaction, public meetings, emails, social messaging boards, and meetings required for an immersive event of this type require immense amounts of time, energy, resources, and effort. By participating in the community these resources are at your disposal and are considered as part of the overall Experience.
All participants must pay in full and in advance for the Experience, unless another arrangement has been made in advance.  The period of payment in advance varies according to the dates of the event and is communicated to the Participant at the time the first payment is collected.  Deposits placed on experiences guarantee the ticket price of the experience.  Texas Larp Company reserves the right to refuse entry to any event if payment in full is not made in advance, with the Participant Fee being the entire consideration for exchange of the Experience.
All payments, including installment payments, are final. There are no refunds for payments made to Texas Larp Company.
I, the Participant, acknowledge and understand that there are no refunds for the Hynafol experience or events; and that any, and all, payments made for the Experience are final.
Fanshield Event Ticket Protection
It is recommended that participants in Hynafol’s events purchase the Fanshield Event Ticket Protection. For an additional fee the entirety of your payments can be protected by Fanshield’s Event Ticket protection.
From the Fanshield protection program, “Sometimes life happens. Purchase with confidence knowing that your ticket is fully protected from 18 covered reasons for not being able to attend the event. These covered reasons include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Illness/Health
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Family Emergencies
  • Severe Weather
  • Military or Jury Duty
  • Positive Coronavirus Test
Full details can be found on the URLs on the Fanshield Website: https://www.fanshield.net/covid-coverage-overview and https://www.fanshield.net/all-2021. All information for filing claims and contacting Fanshield with questions will be available in the welcome email and The Voyage North App.  All questions and claims should be processed via the Fanshield website and accompanying processes. 
Travel Insurance Recommendation
Texas Larp Company is not responsible for unexpected expenses, damages, injuries or loss of any kind whatsoever either before, during or after the Event. Participant acknowledges that all expenses outside of the “Services” listed at the time of purchase are their responsibility. With that acknowledgement, Texas Larp Company recommends that all participants should acquire trip insurance to cover unexpected expenses or adverse events that may occur before, during or after the Experience.
Travel Insurance can be defined as “a bundle of insurance coverages to help protect you from unexpected problems before or during your trip. Many travel insurance plans include insurance coverage and assistance services. Travel insurance policies differ in coverages, just like your auto or health insurance policy, and differ in reimbursement levels. Some of the most common travel insurance policies include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Travel Delay, Emergency Assistance & Transportation, and more.”
Travel insurance is not required, however, it is recommended. Texas Larp Company is not an insurance agency, agent, and this is offered as our opinion after years of experience.
I understand the recommendation for Travel Insurance above and that Texas Larp Company is not responsible in for anything outside of the “Services” as outlined in this contract. I understand that Texas Larp Company is not an insurance agency/agent and that this is merely opinion. 
Cancellation by Texas Larp Company
In the unlikely event the Experience, or any part thereof must be cancelled, Participant shall be notified as soon as possible and arrangements shall be made for Participant to be booked on another Experience at no additional cost.  Participant  agrees that Texas Larp Company shall not be liable for any other compensatory, incidental, consequential or other damages Participant may incur due to the cancellation of the Experience.
Cancellation by Participant
In the event that the Participant cancels their participation in the Experience a refund will not be granted.
By purchasing a ticket to any Hynafol event you agree to this refund policy.