Vending at Hynafol

Learn more about running a booth during the event.

How does vending work at Hynafol?

Hynafol is an immersive experience, which means that we are building a world for players to escape into. The idea is that once the event starts players are fully immersed into a different time and place. Nothing modern will be present, including phones and topics of conversation!

We want this idea to extend to all aspects of the event, including vendors. We are looking for booths that sell period appropriate products and vendors who are willing to help curate an amazing experience for players. We want players to feel as though they are stepping into a living, breathing medieval world, and we believe vendors have a big role to play when it comes to immersion.

Each day of the event there will be “merchant hours” when booths are required to be open. Outside of these hours, vendors are allowed to have their shop open whenever they choose. You can even have your booth open at night!

There are two steps to applying to be a vendor at Hynafol:

  1. Read through the vendor information below.
  2. Apply by clicking the “Apply Now” button below

Once we review your application we will be in touch with more information on next steps and to collect payment.

We also have the opportunity for vendors to become a non-player character (NPC)! Vendors and their booth will be written into the lore of Hynafol and players will be sent to your booth for quests, role playing, etc.

Vendor Information 2023

Application Deadline:

October 1st, 2023

Payment Deadline: 

November 1st, 2023

Event Dates:

November 8th – 12th 2023

Setup Date(s):

November, 6th, 7th, 8th

Location: Sherwood Forest Faire

Address: 1883 Old Hwy 20, McDade, Tx. 78650


5 Day Vendor: $250

3 Day Vendor: $150

NPC Vendor Fee: $500

Vendor Requirements

This is a fully immersive event, meaning that our members are fully “immersed” into a Fantasy Medieval World. As such you will be required to be in costume garb and be “portraying a character” at all times while vending and in the decorum area of the grounds during the event.

• As a vendor, you must sell “world appropriate products” (medieval/fantasy/larp related, i.e. no modern items like iphone cases)

• Purchases are made with USD currency, in addition digital/credit card transactions are to be as hidden as possible so as to not “break the immersion.”

• Real Weapons are NOT ALLOWED to be distributed during the event. This means that lethal weapons can be displayed and sold during the event, but must be shipped or released to the customer at the end of the event. There is no “Peace Tying” for this event, as no patron should ever be carrying a steel, tipped, or leathally blunt weapon during the entirety of the event. This includes projectiles and throwing weapons.

• Your shop is a part of the world of Hynafol, and as such you will be required to “be a living part of the breathing world.” You are required to act and speak accordingly.

• Your shop, as a vendor, is your responsibility. This includes the security and safety of your products both during, and outside of, operation hours.

• Set up and load out will occur before and after the game starts. In the event you are arriving, leaving, or loading once the game has begun; all transportation of product must be in decorum. (i.e. if you are a vendor in the middle of the grounds, loading out on Friday, you must use carts/covers to “hide” anything “world breaking” during your transportation to the NPC/staff area. Visa Versa for loading in late).

Required Hours

All vendors are required to be open and in operation during “Merchant Hours,” outside of these times you can open shop ANY TIME you want, starting an hour before the eve t starts and an hour after. This includes at night! (Reminder, your product security and safety will be up to you)

• Merchant hours:

Wed: 4:00 p.m. – Dusk

Thurs & Fri: 10:00 a.m. – Dusk

Sat: 10:00a.m. – Dusk.

Sun: 10:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.

3 Day vendors must choose either Wednesday to Friday  OR Friday to Sunday

Vendors as NPCs!

This is your opportunity to have players visiting your vendor location throughout the event and become part of the story. One member of your team, whom will have to be present during the quest times, will be made an official Non Player Character in the world of Hynafol. Players will have to visit your shop to receive information regarding a quest they are trying to complete. Each character is unique and our story telling team will make sure that the character and quest fits in line with your shop. This is a VERY fun and interactive way to have our players visit your shop, get to know your wares, and stop by each day.

Your shop is not a quest destination by default.

• You will become an NPC in the world of Hynafol. Your shop may become a setting for a roleplaying scene, a quest location, or you may be asked questions by players that only you have the answer to.

• You may be given small scripts to memorize.

Helpful Notes

• Decorum is any area that is “in game” on the grounds of Sherwood Forest Faire. This does not include NPC/staff areas, your personal camping space, and designated areas in the patron campgrounds.

• We encourage you to speak as though you are in the world of Hynafol for the duration of the event. You are not required to put on any type of accent or voice alteration. Simply refrain, when possible, from speaking about the real world. Though we understand that it is inevitable based on your products.

• When not vending, you are not required to remain the same character as your “shopkeeper,” however, you must still be some type of character and in garb while in decorum areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is electricity? $10 per day per 20 amp breaker.

How much is water? Water is only available to food and beverage booths already established at Sherwood Forest Faire. The cost is $25.

Do I have to purchase insurance? Yes you must have insurance.

What are the details of the insurance required? 

Licensee agrees to keep in full force and effect a policy of commercial general liability insurance with respect to the licensed facility/activity named herein. A certificate listing Sherwood Forest Faire LLC, Kidma LLC, and Texas Larp Company LLC as an “Additional Insured” must be provided by October 31st 2022.
The minimum amount of coverage permitted is:
  • General Aggregate Limit – $1,000,000
  • Product-Completed Operations Aggregate – $1,000,000
  • Personal and Advertising Injury – $1,000,000
  • Each Occurrence – $1,000,000
  • Fire Damage (any one fire) – $1,000,000
Licensee must provide proof of insurance coverage by the stated deadline. Exceptions will be made for Licensees who have a policy that expires during the event, but those exceptions must provide a copy of the renewed policy on or before the expiration date or may not be allowed to operate.
As a vendor how many employees may work my booth? The fees listed above on this page all include two (2) members of each reservation. For additional employees/helpers/family the prices are as follows for the event: Adult (13+): $50, Youth (6-12): $25, Children (0-5): Free
How does camping work? Vendors may utilize either the Participant camping side of Sherwood Forest Faire or in the “Patron” campground.
Patron Camping: Members of Hynafol do not utilize the Patron camping area. You may setup your tent or trailer on this side of the campgrounds. It is not in our “decorum” area and you may camp as you wish. Please note all campers that utilize a generator must have a sound-proofing mechanism. No loud generators are permitted.
Decorum/Hynafol Camping: Vendors are also welcome to camp alongside other members of Hynafol outside of the grounds of Sherwood Forest Faire. Please refer to the camping document in the Player guide for full information.

Application Form

If you are interested in vending at Hynafol please fill out the application below. There is no application fee this year!

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