Vending at Hynafol

Learn more about running a booth during the event.

How does vending work at Hynafol?

Hynafol is an immersive experience, which means that we are building a world for players to escape into. The idea is that once the event starts players are fully immersed into a different time and place. Nothing modern will be present, including phones and topics of conversation!

We want this idea to extend to all aspects of the event, including vendors. We are looking for booths that sell period appropriate products and vendors who are willing to help curate an amazing experience for players. We want players to feel as though they are stepping into a living, breathing medieval world, and we believe vendors have a big role to play when it comes to immersion.

Each day of the event there will be “merchant hours” when booths are required to be open. Outside of these hours, vendors are allowed to have their shop open whenever they choose. You can even have your booth open at night!


We also have the opportunity for vendors to become a non-player character (NPC)! Vendors and their booth will be written into the lore of Hynafol and players will be sent to your booth for quests, role playing, etc. 

For more information and requirements for vending, please read through the 2022 information document below.

Application Form

If you are interested in vending at Hynafol please fill out the application below. There is no application fee this year!

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