Decorum Standards at Hynafol Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Costumes & Dwellings at Hynafol


Decorum Defined as keeping with good taste and propriety. For Hynafol’s purpose this means that anything that is within the boundaries of the event space should fit within the medieval fantasy theme. This extends to items, clothing, weapons, and tents and other dwellings inside of the in-game area.

Overview Hynafol is set in a medieval-fantasy world. The goal is for every person, object and interaction to be as believable to that medieval-fantasy world as possible. If you would see attire, or objects in Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or The Witcher it will fit into the world of Hynafol. Our goal is to make the world as “immersive” or believable as possible, and, therefore, your full participation in creating this atmosphere is required for attendance at Hynafol.

In this guide you will find information regarding most aspects of participating in Hynafol. Of course if your question is not answered please reach out to us on social media or email: info@hynafol.com.

Embracive Participation

Hynafol’s goal is for each participant to enter into a medieval-fantasy setting as a living breathing character in that world. The only way for participants to be able to suspend their disbelief is for that world to be as “real” as possible. Therefore, we ask that every person attending Hynafol to have an attitude of “embracive participation”. This means that in everything that you wear, do, and act out is, to the end, bringing this world to life.

Decorum Standards Overview

What is the time period?

Hynafol exists in a world unto itself and does not correspond to a single time period in earth’s history. The setting, however, draws inspiration from the Early Middle Ages through the Renaissance with a few outlier examples outside of that time. Players should consider any time period before the Renaissance as acceptable attire to be worn.

There are some examples of attire that are acceptable after the Renaissance period such as pirates, Landsknecht, and a few others. If you have a question about a style of clothing feel free to ask in our online community.

That being said, at Hynafol you will see peoples and cultures that look very much like historical examples of real world cultures that would not have coexisted. This is fantasy afterall! The fantasy element as described above would be considered to be similar to and inspired by Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, and other works such as The Witcher to name a few most people are familiar with. However, our world has a bit more whimsy and color included within its setting with the inclusion of the Fae peoples.

Creating Believability

Participants at Hynafol create believability in what they wear and how they act at the event.

Costumes are a foundational piece of creating believability in this medieval fantasy world. The more elaborate, detailed and flavorful the costumes you wear are, the more believable the world will become. We also understand that costumes are expensive, and do not require participants to wear extravagant costumes. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a tunic with a belt strapped over your waist, or a simple dress (to give two examples).

The goal is that over time you will invest in your costume, kit, and accessories to further bring the world of Hynafol to life. The same principle applies to the character you inhabit for the duration of the event. In a live action role playing event the goal is to give away meaningful interactions to other players. You should inhabit a character that you are able to make believable. If you are a quiet and shy person, consider playing a character that matches your personality. More on this topic is covered in the role playing section.

The goal is that players should inhabit characters with roles in the world they are able to bring to life to give away away interactions to others. This is what will create believability in the world of Hynafol.

Costume & Kit Overview

There are three general rules for all participants’ costume and kit (everything else worn, carried or presented):

1. All participants must be in costume for the duration of the event in public areas.

2. Modern attire or accessories must not be worn or shown in public areas.

3. Safety, accessibility and comfort* always come before immersion.

Wearing of modern clothing of any kind will not be permitted during the event in public areas. Public areas are defined as: anywhere other participants may view you. This includes moving between in and out of game areas, walks to and from the restroom or showers, or in your camp in the evenings.

Inside of your personal sleeping area such as a tent, room in the Castle, or elsewhere you are permitted to wear modern clothing and use modern devices. However, when you exit your personal sleeping area you should be back in costume and ready to be viewed and participate with others.

*The safety, accessibility and comfort of you and other participants is always paramount to any other standard. If you are, or could be, unsafe or injured, you should feel free to remove yourself from the situation, or remove your costume, armor, etc. to regain your safety. We wish all parts of Hynafol to be accessible to everyone where it is practical and safe. Lastly, your comfort is important for you to enjoy an event. With a few notable exceptions, you should wear and participate in what makes you comfortable. Should you feel uncomfortable you should feel free to remove yourself from the situation at no penalty.

Minimum Requirements

1. All Participants are required to be in costume in all public areas during the event.

2. Modern clothing, running shoes, crocs, modern jewelry, etc. are not allowed.

All participants of Hynafol must be in costume in all visible public spaces at all times. Costumes that are broadly medieval in nature are acceptable. For most participants this will be either: tunic, pants, belt, leather shoes or simple dress and leather shoes. Also allowed are simple linen pants or plain colored leggings, however, these items should have any modern conveniences removed or not showing: zippers, pockets, etc should be covered.

We want the event to be as accessible to as many people as possible and these standards allow for most to attend without distracting from the nature of the event.

Aspirational Goals

Hynafol is an event with lofty goals of gorgeous costumes, battle fields with glistening armor, and a setting so magnificent that you forget about the real world. All participants are encouraged to improve their costume, armor and accessories over time to a higher standard. However, not every participant needs to have an amazing costume: it is perfectly acceptable to be in simple medieval attire!

As an event we are committed to having high costuming standards without excluding those that cannot afford them. Our ask of you, as a participant, is that you do your best and improve your costume as you are able.

Lastly, we do not wish to exclude anyone who is willing to put together a medieval costume for the event. If you are not able to dress in an elaborate and fancy costume there will be no penalty within the game, nor from other players. It is strictly forbidden to critique without request or otherwise criticize another participant’s costume.

Designs & Materials

1. Some costuming is inappropriate for Hynafol and does not fit within the setting.

2. Conforming to your guild’s color, look and feel is the ideal, but not required.

Your guild and the nation from which your character originates from is the most important feature of your character. Hynafol is a group focused game, not individual focused. Your guild will be the largest influence on your character and will inform how they act, and more importantly how they dress. Once you have decided which guild you would like to join, then you can begin tailoring your costume, armor, accessories and even weapons to your guilds style.

The closer you are able to get your costume to the guild’s style and colors the better your guild as a whole will look and feel at the event.

The easiest way to explain what is appropriate and what is not appropriate is to follow this rule: clothing, costumes, and accessories do not have to be from the medieval era, but they should look like they could have been. Hynafol is not a historically accurate game, but the inspiration for the costuming comes from many real world cultures. Items do not have to be historically accurate, but they should look like they could have been.

Hynafol’s ideal is for everything to look and feel as though it could have existed in the medieval world, with a bit of whimsy and fancy. Costume, weapons, and items that are over the top in nature should not be included. Think Lord of the Rings with a bit more whimsy.

There are certain modern articles of clothing and items that are forbidden: t-shirts (torn or otherwise), denim jeans, modern pants, obviously modern looking tennis or running shoes, crocs, watches, sunglasses*, cans, solo cups, phones, and plastic materials of any kind. This list is not exhaustive, but you should be able to infer most questionable items with good judgment.

When a player comes across one of these items it does not ruin their entire event. Instead, it’s the accumulation of these items and their presence that begins to affect the event for all participants. So do your best to do your part!

*See Eyewear section below.

Forbidden Costumes, Symbols & Items

1. Any costuming that is forbidden within this guide, or anywhere on our website is prohibited at the event.

2. This includes certain hats, attire, costumes, and time periods.

3. Other items such as religious symbols should be handled with care.

4. Any symbol or imagery that is racist or bigoted is forbidden from Hynafol.

Certain costuming is forbidden from Hynafol. Anything that is expressly forbidden in this guide, on our website, or in any subsequent updates is considered prohibited. Participants wearing said items will be asked to remove them. Refusal is grounds for dismissal from the event and the grounds.

Hynafol is a world that has not progressed (in our modern sense of progress) past a certain technological level, and, due to the nature of the world, shall never progress past where it resides. Thus, there are time periods and concepts that are forbidden at Hynafol.

These include:

  • Victorian Era: including top hats, frock coats, tailcoats, hoop skirts/dresses, etc.
  • Steampunk: top hat, leather flight helmet, bowler hats, or anything with gears
  • Science Fiction/Aliens: Anything outside of the bounds of medieval fantasy is not allowed.
  • Anime/TV/Movie Inspired: costumes, weapons and character concepts inspired by anime, television or movies are not permitted.
  • Cosplay Inspired: Cosplays or characters based on modern media characters are not allowed.

It is, however, possible to modify some cosplays to fit the setting. Religion is allowed and welcomed at Hynafol. Both your personal beliefs, and the many religions that exist within the game. Most of the religions in the Hynafol setting were invented. Others are inspired by historical religions around the medieval era. Religious items that are based upon historical religions are allowed, but should be treated with care and respect. This includes Mjolnirs, Crucifixes, and other religious items from the real world that may enter Hynafol.

Any symbolism, costume, or accessory that represents real-world racism or bigotry is forbidden at Hynafol. Items and symbols that have been co-opted by racists organizations, but were historically used with other meanings are also not allowed at Hynafol. This includes the Swastika, anything resembling KKK robes, and any costume, kit, or make up that resembles a racist caricature is forbidden.

Critiquing Other Players

Hynafol aims to be a place that is fit for every person regardless of budget or experience. Hynafol is also a welcoming place for new people that have never experienced an event to this scale and immersion. Therefore, the critiquing of players’ costumes is forbidden.

We encourage all participants to acquire the best costume within their means. We also encourage all participants to continually improve not only their costume, but their roleplaying as well. The better the costuming and roleplaying the better the event is for everyone.

Again, critiquing or criticizing another player’s costume is forbidden. Should you believe someone to be below the standards set in this document please contact one of the event staff and report it and we will handle it appropriately.

Exceptions to the Rules

Footwear & Shoes

Comfort is paramount when it comes to footwear. While modern looking shoes, bright runners, crocs, etc. are not allowed, if you have special footwear that you must wear, please feel free to do so. Medieval style shoes are preferred, but work boots, hiking boots or shoes, and other plain brown or black footwear is paramount.

Childcare Needs

The safety and comfort of your children are a priority during the event. Items such as plastic bottles, modern baby carriers (disguised/covered), wagons, slings, breast pumps, and changing mats are permitted.

When you are able, with a wagon for instance, please disguise the item.

For everything else, please care for your child in the best way you see fit and have them under parental supervision at all times.

Please note, though, that even children must be dressed in a medieval style when possible.


The use of sunglasses or other decorative eyewear does not belong at Hynafol.

The use of prescription glasses and sunglasses is allowed and permitted without hesitation.

The use of protective glasses & goggles during combat is not only permitted, but encouraged. 

Tents & Dwellings

Decorum Tents & Dwellings

1. Modern tent materials such as plastic, polyester, nylon and other modern materials are not appropriate for the decorum areas of Hynafol.

2. This extends to any tent, whether for sleeping or gathering, both inside and outside the tent modern materials, including the above mentioned materials, may not show at all.

Decorum is defined as keeping with good taste and propriety. For Hynafol’s purpose this means that anything that is within the boundaries of the event space should fit within the medieval fantasy theme. This extends to tents and other dwellings inside of the in-game area.

Simply put a tent, or any other structure, within the decorum area of the event must fit within the setting.

The ideal tent is made of canvas and has real ropes. Any tent that is made of synthetic material or resembles plastic will not be allowed in the decorum area. Many tents are made of a blend of canvas or other material to look like real canvas and these are allowed. Additionally, many canvas tents have metal guy-lines, and synthetic rope – these are also allowed. Please note that ropes should be plain colors such as brown, white, or beige. Bright colors should be avoided.

Other camping implements such as lighting, cooking, and other structures should be as decorum as possible, or hidden from view in the decorum camping section. For instance, if you wish to cook your own meals: you will need to hide or disguise any grill that uses gas, or stove type appliances. This can be done by creating a makeshift screen or hiding it behind a tent. This extends to chairs, other types of furniture, and accessories such as lights around your camp.

Electronics and electronic equipment of any kind should be used at a minimum and completely hidden from view. This includes lighting, which should be indistinguishable from fire light or candles or lanterns. The use of amplified music is not allowed.

Generators are forbidden.

Modern Camping Area(s)

You do not need to have a medieval style tent to attend Hynafol.

All players should feel free to use the modern camping section for the event. While the foot traffic to your camping area will be lower, you will not miss out on any portion of the game.

New players and those new to medieval events should not feel compelled to purchase a medieval style tent or camping setup.

Instead feel free to use modern implements and tents in the non-decorum camping area. There are no restrictions in this area in what you use to camp, tent, cook, etc.

Please note: modern amenities such as electric lights should be kept to a minimum.

Electronic music from speakers or similar is strictly prohibited.

Makeup & Prosthetics


In keeping with Hynafol’s setting there are characters that will want to wear prosthetics or use makeup to cover their face and other parts of their body.

This is perfectly allowed and encouraged. However we do have a few rules:

1. All makeup covering the face should be in two different colors. If there is a primary color covering your entire face, there must also be a secondary color in either shades, lines, or designs.

2. Drawing symbols, lines or other designs in one color on your face is acceptable.

3. Prosthetics should be “believable” and applied appropriately. There are many ways to go about this and if you have questions please ask in our online communities.

4. Symbols and imagery that is racist or bigoted in any way is forbidden.

Accessories designed to be a part of your character, such as a luminous orbed staff or fairy lights, are allowed. These accessories, however, must have intent, and must be well crafted and designed with the decorum rules in mind.

Fae Costume Requirements

In the world of Hynafol there are many different kinds of peoples that have come out of the mists and now call themselves Fae. These people are mostly human with animal, plant, or whimsical characteristics. Not the other way around. In the world of Hynafol there are no sentient animals or humanoid animals of any kind.

Wearing fursuits, animal masks that cover the entire face, or animal costumes that completely cover the player in faux fur in any way are not allowed. You will be asked to remove it and, like other rules at Hynafol, refusal to acquiesce to the request is grounds for removal.

If you have a Fae concept that you’re worried may break one of these considerations above please email our staff with a picture of what you would like to do: info@hynafol.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take pictures or video of the event?

No. Phones, cameras and recording devices are restricted to only Hynafol sanctioned personnel.

What “races” are present in Hynafol?

We do not use the term “race” at Hynafol. We use the term peoples, as in people groups, to designate groups from a certain area or with a certain look and feel. Currently there are: humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, and fae.

Other peoples are possible. Please email gm@hynafol.com with specific requests.

Are there gender requirements for certain types of costumes?


Do I have to wear medieval shoes?

No! Plain brown or black shoes or boots are acceptable. Preferred are leather shoes or shoes designed to look like leather. Logos and insignia should be removed or hidden.

Can I change into modern clothing at night?

No, the story goes on through the night and does not end. You must be in costume when in public areas.

Can I wear modern clothing to and from the showers?

No, you should wear your costume, or a long tunic, or something that covers yourself to the showers. There is ample room to change within each shower stall.

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