Weapons Overview

Overall Weapons Rules: 

  • All weapons or shields are required to be inspected by the safety check before entering the field of battle or used in combat. Hynafol staff and volunteers reserve the right to refuse any weapon for any reason whatsoever entering into use. Any player found skirting these rules is subject to expulsion from the event and banning from all future events. 
  • Weapons that are too heavy or improperly balanced will be rejected. 
  • Any weapon that is not easily recognizable in form and in function; or from a recognized manufacture may be refused. 
  • All weapons should be wielded safely and with appropriate force. Even the safest of weapons can be made dangerous when wielded with excess force or lack of control. Participants using excess force or lack of control are subject to removal from combat activities, having their weapons confiscated, or being expelled from the event. 
  • Hynafol is not a larp weapons manufacturer, and as such, does not intend to explain nor control how weapons are made. Construction rules and tips shall not be given. It is recommended that you purchase a manufactured larp weapon from the list of manufacturers listed below. 
  • The Hynafol organization has the final say on what weapons and shields may be used; and may refuse any weapon for any reason whatsoever. 

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December 6, 2022

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