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Combat at Hynafol is intended to extend the roleplaying experience. Each interaction between combatants, whether that is on the field of battle, the tournaments lists, or on the road against brigands is an opportunity to tell a story. Participants are encouraged to take battles seriously (your character’s life is on the line!), but to also give a great story to others. 


Safety, fun, and candor are our three guiding principles for combat at Hynafol. 


The most important aspect of combat at Hynafol is that all participants remain safe in all of their actions and interactions. Rules and commands from the Stewards of Hynafol are final and should be obeyed without hesitation or confrontation. 


Creating a fun and exciting combat sequence is more important than winning by cheating. Losing a combat scenario is also extremely fun. You should never cheat to win. Dying a glorious, meaningful death, or struggling to not die while being dragged to safety for healing, tells a better story than never counting your hits. 


Candor means to have unreserved, honest, or sincere expression. In combat at Hynafol we use this term to describe the process by which you follow the rules, take the hits that your character receives in combat, and follow through with the consequences of combat scenarios. In all combat situations and scenarios you should act with candor: take your hits, focus on your character, and role-play the consequences there-in. 

Combat Overview: 

During the mock combat at Hynafol all participants assume a level or risk and are wholly responsible for their safety. Even with standard “larp” weapons that are designed for this activity the possibility of adverse risk and injury are always possible. 

The Hynafol organization will check for basic safety of all weapons at the beginning of each event. Players are expected to discard any weapon, shield or other item that may pose a possible safety risk to themselves or any other participant. 

All participants are required to have their weapons pass a safety check at the beginning of the event, or before entering into combat at the event, of any kind. All weapons that pass the safety check will be marked with a simple band provided by the organization. 


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December 6, 2022

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