Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about Hynafol!

Location and Logistics

Where is the event location?

The event will take place at the Sherwood Forest Medieval Faire location about 50 minutes east of Austin on US HWY 290

Address: 1883 Old Hwy 20, McDade, TX 78650

It is only 35 minutes away from the Austin AUS Airport.

This particular location is PERFECT for an immersive live action experience as it has multiple taverns, restaurants, a castle, traditional buildings, forest trails, joust arena, battlefield and so much more.

Without a doubt the minute you will set foot inside the location it will feel like you’ve been transported into the pages of your favorite medieval fantasy novel.

We’ve spent years trying to acquire this location for an event and to be given the chance to run a truly unique experience here…

… and if you miss it you will definitely be kicking yourself.

What’s in the food plan?

Breakfast and dinner are included with the Immersive Experience packages and above. Lunch is on your own and there will be at least one food vendor to provide lunch and late night meals.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

We can accommodate to any dietary restrictions you may have. 

Do you have vegan options for meals?

Yes! Complete vegan meals will be available. 

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes! The taverns at the site will also be open daily for your refreshment needs.

Will there be vendors on site? Which ones?

Yes there will be vendors on site for the duration of the event. 

Some that are staples of the Faire and some that we are inviting that are more focused on live action role playing clothing, equipment, weapons and armor. As we add vendors for the event we will be adding them to our website and posting in our Facebook groups.

Can I bring my own tent?

Yes you can! If you have a decorum tent you can set it up and camp within the grounds! If you do not have a decorum, medieval style tent there will be ample camping space for you to setup with your group.

Can I bring my guide dog/pig/cat?

We follow ADA guidelines and will allow service dogs for the event. Please email info@hynafol.com with any questions. 

Are there showers & bathrooms?

There are real showers on site with running hot water as well as real toilets!

There will also be porta potties on site all around the site for convenience.

Can I stay with my significant other alone in a tent?

Yes you can! We have a couples package that includes a private tent, double wide cot (perfect for snuggling), 2 Tickets, 2 Meal Cards, transportation from the airport, and all the bells and whistles of being part of a guild. 

Can I choose who I stay in a tent with?

Absolutely, we will send out a survey to everyone who purchases the Immersive Package and above. On that survey you can identify whom you would like as your tent-mates. Just make sure they also put you down.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! For each of our tickets there is a simple payment plan. There is not interest or fees for using the payment plan. The price is simply broken down by the amount of months remaining before the event.

Will tickets be sold day of the event?

Standard Experience entry tickets and the Spectator day pass will be available on the day of the event. Decorum camping spaces, inside of the faire, will not be available if you do not purchase a ticket early. 

How old do you have to be to attend alone?

You must be 21 years old to attend the event without a parent or legal guardian. 

What age can you participate in combat?

You must be 18 years old to participate in the combat portions of the event. You may still attend and participate in the quests. 

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, absolutely! Please be aware that this is an adult event with mature themes and activities

Are there discounts for costuming, equipment, weapons armor, etc?

Yes! We have discount codes ready for you to all of the major online retailers. 

What can we expect the weather to be like in Austin in November?

During the day the average temperature is between 68 and 75 degrees and at night the average temperature is 48 to 53 degrees. 

Are campfires allowed?

Yes! For the Experience Packages we will have fire pits in each of the camps. For everyone else we will have guidance on what types of fire pits you must bring/construct in order to have a safe fire.

Game Rules and Roleplay

What is this event?

Hynafol is an immersive role playing experience based in a medieval fantasy setting. You will create a character that you will embody for the duration of the event. As your character you will join a guild (and yes, you can choose your guild) and as a group you will have many decisions to make, battles to fight, and quests to partake on.

Each day you will battle like a warrior, interact with interesting characters and stories, use your political intrigue to forge diplomatic agreements, and discover the secrets of Hynafol!

Each night you’ll find live entertainment, warm campfires to tell the stories of the day, and lively pubs and taverns to quench your thirst.

What is your policy on sexism and racism?

Absolutely not allowed. 

What are the combat rules?

The event uses a propriety rules light system for larp/boffer weapon combat. All weapons will need to be checked by our staff for safety. You will need to provide your own weapons.

Read our complete Combat Guide here.

However we have a list of vendors and approved weapons that can be made available if requested.

What’s the backstory/plot of Hynafol?

Hynafol means “ancient” in Welsh. Hynafol is the old place that was forgotten about. The descendants: guilds, kingdoms and governments from around the world have largely abandoned this city. Now, you are being called back to Hynafol. There are rumors of a dark power growing in the land. There are tensions between kingdoms. And, now the missives have gone out for a Witan. Will you and your guild help keep the peace? Will you seek out treasure, power and fame? Or will you create trouble and sew the seeds of chaos? 

How do I make a character?

There will be a simple character creation process that you can expand upon to your desire! For the most part characters are “what you see is what you get” – with the focus on what you can role-play as your character. 

Can I make my own character?

Yes, absolutely, there will not be any premade characters. 

What are the quests like?

The quests will vary from adventures you can do alone to small events that will require a small group of allies to complete. Some will run all week and be open to many players. Others will have to be found, sought out or stumbled upon… 

What are the costume requirements?

You must be in a decorum, medieval-fantasy costumer for the duration of the event. “Street clothes” will not be allowed at any point during the event.

Please review our Decorum Guide here.

Additionally, if you do not have medieval clothing/costuming and don’t know where to start we will have discount codes available for all the major retailers as well as package deals to purchase starter kits in your guild colors. 

Is there a code of conduct? What's in it?

Hynafol’s Comprehensive Code of Conduct may be read in full here.

Our code of Conduct is built on the following Seven Tenants: 

  1. Build Good Culture. Hynafol is really the people that make up the community. We aspire to be welcoming, generous and friendly in all we do. You should follow the Golden Rule + Grandma: Treat others the way you want to be treated; unless you don’t know how to treat them: then be as respectful as you would be to your grandmother.
  2. Zero Tolerance on Harassment. Texas Larp Company does not allow harassment, bullying, or hazing of any kind. This includes physical, verbal and sexual harassment. Harassment is persistent and unwanted attention or speech. If you are harassing individuals in attendance of any Texas Larp Company event you will be removed without refund.
  3. Zero Tolerance on Bullying. Texas Larp Company is a welcoming and inclusive place for people of all abilities. There is no tolerance for pressuring people into any kind of unwanted situation. Whether that be on the battlefield or their roleplay choices. You may not pressure people into doing anything at any time.
  4. Zero Tolerance on Sexual Assault. Sexual Assault is any non-consensual sexual touching of a person. If your hands are not asked for or been given a sober, verbal affirmation of touching, they should not be on another person. Any kind of touching should be verbally consented to before it begins.
  5. Policing is Forbidden. It is not your responsibility to enforce these rules. That’s the job of the staff and owners of Hynafol. If you are the victim of someone breaking these rules please report them to an owner, staff or volunteer of Hynafol.
  6. Zero Tolerance on Physical Assault. Physical assault is defined as an act of causing physical harm or unwanted physical contact to another person, or, in some legal definitions, the threat or attempt to do so.
  7. Do No Harm to Others. Participants should refrain from aiming to directly harm staff, volunteers, and other participants both in speech and action. Targeting individual persons, differentiating from their characters, in order to do them harm is forbidden. This rule is a guiding principle to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Is this similar to X event/larp/etc.?

Hynafol is our own original creation. There may be similarities to other events you have attended that you may find familiar. However, there will be plenty of portions of the event that are unique to Hynafol.

What do you mean fully immersive?

The goal of the event is to live as much as possible in a medieval fantasy world. That means that EVERYONE is in costume the entire time and as much as possible we leave behind the modern world. Phones, watches, and anything modern should be hidden. Additionally, you’ll be role playing a character for the duration of the event. You’ll want to think, act, and speak as that character would as much as possible. That means we leave behind real world politics, religion, and concerns in favor of the fantastic religion, politics and concerns of Hynafol! 

We know that for a 5 day long event it’s pretty hard to stay in character the entire time so there will be plenty of leniency. However, our goal is to let you escape the world and enter Hynafol. We’ll need everyone’s help to make that happen!

What does it mean to be in a guild?

The world of Hynafol runs on small groups of people who band together based on their collective similarities for the purpose of furthering their internal goals, fighting battles, and exploring the world. Guilds will be the primary means by which groups will interact with one another and the game will be pushed forward through those means. Guilds may band together to form kingdoms, governments and other alliances.

We’re asking that everyone join a guild the first year, but it is not required. You will likely miss out on a lot of the game if you don’t join a guild though! 

Which ticket levels include guild membership?

All of them! Every player at Hynafol will have the option of joining one of our established guilds, creating their own (conditions apply) or exploring on their own and making friends along the way.

Experience/Couples/Royal Packages: Will camp inside the walls/grounds of the faire, and as much as possible guild members will camp together.

Standard Tickets: If you have a decorum medieval tent you may camp in our decorum campground (not inside the walls of the faire), but you will not necessarily be next to your guild-mates.

Other standard ticket holders will camp in the non-decorum area (modern tents, etc.).

However, all attendees may join and participate in the guild system and have access to all of the gameplay. 

What if I don’t want to play a character/ don’t have gear?

If you’re not interested in roleplaying that’s fine! Many people that have attended our events in the past have felt the same and had an amazing time. All you need is a name for your character (we think it’s more fun to go by a different name for the event, but you don’t have to) and a decorum costume.

If you don’t have medieval clothing/costuming we can help you! We have discounts available at most of the online clothing, armor, and foam weapons companies. Additionally, in our online community we will share a ton of tips on how to make a very low cost, yet very good looking, medieval kit. 

What if I’ve never done anything like this before?

That’s absolutely no problem! Nearly 75% of the people who attend The Voyage North have never done anything like this. Some have been to a Faire, or played a table top roleplaying game. Most have no experience at all. Every year we help hundreds of people get ready for that event and they have an amazing time. We’re experts at helping you get ready with lots of guides, explanation videos, and Zoom calls to answer all of your questions.

Will rain effect the experience?

The event is rain or shine! Life went on during the medieval era and Hynafol will be no different. There are plenty of sheltered areas and we will have many large pavilion tents to gather under if it should start to rain. 

How much does it cost?

  • We have multiple experiences available at different price points for various needs.

Please visit our ticketing page for the Grand Gathering for up to date prices.

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