The Grand Gathering

November 6th - 10th, 2024

Mcdade, Texas

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This is the Medieval Experience You’ve Been Looking For!

Completely immerse yourself in the medieval fantasy world of Hynafol! You will live out your days in a purpose built medieval village with hundreds of buildings, join a guild to explore the ever expanding world of Hynafol, battle alongside hundreds of others, and celebrate your victories with live music and much revelry each night. This and so much more is The Grand Gathering of Hynafol!

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The Setting: Medieval Fantasy

Hynafol is an immersive, medieval-fantasy, role playing experience located just outside of Austin in the pine forests of south central Texas.  The event is one of the largest of it’s kind in America set in an actual medieval village. 

Hynafol is your opportunity to join in on a living breathing medieval-fantasy world that will transport you to your favorite adventures. 

The best part: we have packages that make it easy to go!

The Location: A Medieval Village

The Grand Gathering of Hynafol is set in one of the largest and most immersive medieval villages in the US: Sherwood Forest Faire. There are over 100 permanent buildings with taverns, in character locations, stages and all the facilities and infrastructure to make your medieval adventure exciting and comfortable!

Yes, we have flushing toilets and hot showers. We’re not that medieval…

As you explore Hynafol you will truly feel as though you are in a medieval world!

The Experience: An Immersive Event

Hynafol exists to transport you to this magical place to get away from the trappings of the modern world and enter a place of adventure, magic, politics and roleplaying. For 5 days you’ll completely enter a medieval fantasy world. 

More than that: We make it easy! We can handle all of your accommodations and help you experience this magical land for all it has to offer. Packages can include: Lodging in authentic medieval tents, hearty meals, comfortable bedding, guild membership, and even clothing packages. 

Moreover, we can take care of all the logistics so that you can enjoy every minute of the event. Ready to apply? 

The Activities: Nearly Endless

There is more to do and explore at Hynafol than can be done in one event; and each year it evolves and grows. There are large scale combat melees, tournaments to test your skill, a fully-functioning economy with resources to gather and our own currency system with minted coins and so much more. 

There are quests that lead to ever increasing adventure, guild hosted parties, live music, street performers and vendors to supply your shopping needs!

And of course, most importantly, we’re your people and are eager to connect with you and welcome you into this amazing world!

Grand Gathering Packages: Starting at $497

Packages for The Grand Gathering of Hynafol come in two versions: Done For You & Do It Yourself.

However, no matter which package you choose you will have access to the entire event, all activities, battles, politics, trading, commerce and interactive storytelling.

Done For You


Our nearly-all-inclusive packages have everything you need to have the medieval adventure of a lifetime. All packages are completely customizable and will be put together during the interview call with your Experience Expert.

The Basic Package would include:

  • Entrance Fees for The Grand Gathering
  • Membership in a brand new Guild led by a veteran player
  • Lodging in a very high quality Canvas Medieval Tent
  • Comfy Cot to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Unique camp experience: Stay inside the grounds of the village!
  • Campfires, lanterns and other trimmings for a special medieval camp experience.
  • Custom Guild Tabard in Guild Colors
  • Transportation from the airport
  • Specialized Preparation: Step by step guidance to prepare for the event including: Discord Access, Member’s Website & Bi-Monthly Zoom Calls

Do It Yourself


This package is for those who want to handle their camping, meals and other logistics on their own. Most of our members that choose this option live nearby or know others that do. 

Regardless the DIY package still includes all activities during the event and access to all parts of the experience. 

Additionally, there are vendors on site that you can purchase meals and other necessities from during the experience.

You will have two camping options: 


  1. Medieval Camping: This is for those with canvas medieval tents and other equipment to put together. a medieval camp.
  2. Modern Camping: This is all modern camping implements including tents and RVs*.


Hynafol requires all first time attendees to apply to attend The Grand Gathering. The application is designed to help make sure that Hynafol is a good fit for you and that you’re a good fit for Hynafol! Don’t worry, the questions aren’t too tough to answer.

More importantly, however, our Experience Experts will help answer all of your questions about the event. Then, they’ll help craft the exact package that will best suit your needs for the Grand Gathering.

As long as you pass the “vibe check” you’ll be invited to sign a contract, start your monthly payments and be part of the community!

The Meals

Meals are served from our on-site food vendor each year. We have meal service throughout the day. Breakfast and Dinner are included with the done-for-you packages.

We can cater to any allergy or dietary needs that you may have. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free to name a few.

Lunch and late-night food (and all other meals) are available for purchase to everyone.

You’re also free to bring any drinks, snacks, and other provisions for yourself.

Tents & Accommodations

Experience Packages include lodging in our high-quality, medieval style tents and you get to camp inside the village proper!

The tents are the real deal – you’re somewhere between glamping and roughing it. It’s part of the medieval experience. But they are warm, comfortable, and you’re free to bring your own decorations and touches to make your stay your own.

Each person gets a cot to keep them warm and dry off the ground.

We have private and couples tent options. Couples have the choice of cots or a queen size air mattress.

Medieval Feel; Modern Amenities

You will be completely immersed in the medieval village and surrounding campground during your stay at Hynafol.

But there are also modern amenities throughout the site including flushing toilets, hot showers (for free!) and lots of spaces to put your feet up and relax as you tell your tales of victory and exploration!

Plus there is a tavern serving refreshments, live music and entertainment in the evening!

The Guilds

Guilds are the lifeblood and building blocks of the Hynafol society. Participants are encouraged to join a guild even before they arrive at the event. You’ll explore the world of Hynafol with your guild, battle alongside your guildmates in huge battles, and spend your evenings engaging in politics and trade alongside one another.

There are many guilds at Hynafol. Some are open to new members and can be approached for membership. Others, are closed groups or open via invitation only.

In our Done-For-You Experience packages you’ll be placed in a guild that is designed specifically for newcomers alongside a guild leader that is a veteran Hynafol denizen. They will lead the guild all through the year as you prepare for the upcoming Grand Gathering.

The Price?

The DIY Package is $497 for the 5 Day Event. This is your entrance fees into the event and all activities.

The Experience Package (Done for You) is dependent on what services you’d like included in your package. Each package will be customized to fit your needs.

Whether that’s just a tent and food; all the way to a VIP package that includes costuming, weapons, armor and other amenities we’ve got you covered and can help plan out each step of your adventure.

Our goal is to breakdown every barrier for you to attend this one of a kind event and make it easy!

The Faces of Hynafol

Hynafol members come from all walks of life to create the beautiful tapestry that is our community. Not just from Texas! Denizens of Hynafol come from all across the US and Canada. The community of Hynafol is designed to be inclusive and welcoming for all people and we take it very seriously. We’re proud of the community that we’ve created and we hope that you’ll continue to help us build an amazing experience for all when you join!