Welcome to Hynafol!

Your Couples Package Awaits!

Your all-inclusive medieval adventure is about to begin! Please keep in mind the following: 

  • All of the services included in your package are listed to the right.
  • Not included: bedding, costumes, weapons, armor, alcohol.
  • You will not receive a ticket by mail or email.
  • Show your photo ID at registration to gain access to the event.
  • Transportation from the airport: must be purchased it is not included by default.

General Information:

Date: November 8th – 12th

Time: Gates open at 9:00a.m. on the 8th.

Camping: In Medieval Tents provided by Hynafol. Includes two cots or queen size air mattress.

Food: Breakfast and Dinner provided by Hynafol.

Transportation: Must be purchased or arranged by participant.

Couples Package Survey

Please fill out this survey to indicate your preferences for your Couples Package. 

Step 1: Join the Discord!

Discord is a message board platform that Hynafol utilizes for the majority of communication, planning and organizing. On our Discord you’ll interact with other members, potentially join a guild, and begin to plan your adventure… and of course ask all the questions you have!

Step 2: Plan Your Gear!

Shirt and tie is not an option! You’ll need 5 days of medieval clothing and accessories to participate in Hynafol. You must be in medieval clothing for the duration of the event. Be sure to read our Decorum Guide to learn about what’s allowed and what is not! Click Learn more!

Step 3: Event Insurance

Hynafol does not offer refunds for tickets and packages purchased. Please read our Refund Policy  and Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

However, we have partnered with Fanshield Event Ticket Insurance to all you to purchase a policy that covers your needs. Please click “Learn More” to visit the Fanshield Website in order to purchase your Event Ticket Insurance.

Step 4: Learn More!

Hynafol is a huge and ever growing world full of stories, lore, history and traditions. Most of those stories are told betweeen players, guilds and kingdoms… but we’ve got you covered to get started. Make sure you take a look and read through our Lore & History Guide!

Step 5: Make Friends

Hynafol is a social event: no phones, no technology, just good old fashioned medieval battles, quests, politics and most importantly friends. You’re going to spend the vast majority of your time talking to other people. So dive into the community, explore the guilds, join one, join a religion and start participating!

Prepare to Camp!

There are two options for camping at Hynafol. Whether you’ve chosen an Experience Package that includes your camping or if you’re planning your own camping you need to know the rules. We’ve put together a handy guide. Have you read it yet?

Read the “Tents & Dwellings” section at the link below.