May 31 – June 2

Curse of

The Devourer

Expedition Overview

Darkness has festered in the aftermath of the Grand Gathering, where once noble hearts were tempted by promises of power and dominion. The Devourer, cunning and insidious, seized upon the vulnerabilities of many guilds, offering them seductive whispers of supremacy. Those who succumbed, unknowingly sowed the seeds of our downfall, as the tendrils of the Devourer’s curse took root, spreading like a virulent plague.

Now, the consequences of their folly have come to fruition. Guilds and kingdoms, once bastions of honor, lie ensnared in the coils of the Devourer’s influence. His thrall extends beyond mere individuals, infecting entire populations with a maddening fervor, transforming once-loyal soldiers into chaotic agents of destruction.

Yet, amidst this encroaching darkness, a glimmer of hope remains. You, Denizens of Hynafol, stand as beacons of defiance against the looming shadow. The time has come to confront the Curse of the Devourer, to unravel the webs of deceit and reclaim our destiny.

Gather your allies, steel your resolve, and prepare to embark on a perilous quest. The fate of your guilds and kingdoms hang in the balance, and it is up to you to tip the scales in favor of light and righteousness; or doom others to suffer.

Scenarios & Activities

The Scenario

The Devourer’s Curse has spread throughout the Known World. Guilds are infected and their armies are acting strange… Scholars have appeared from the mists to guide those brave enough to seek the cure.

Skirmishes to Stop the Spread

There were four primary guilds that willingly gave themselves over to the Devourer’s thrall and have the most severe outcomes. They will battle against those who wish to make them suffer the folly of their decisions.

Scholarly Research

Three Scholars have sent missives to all guilds infected by the Devourer’s Curse. Calling on all professions of the known world to aid in the procuring of a cure.

Adventure at Sea

The high seas are heating up in the Known World and during the heat of the day we shall see our first Skirmish at Sea with the fate of one ship hanging in the balance.

Ceremonies & Lore

The Three Scholars have requested the participation of all Denizens present to help start the day off right and end the adventure with Ceremonies they hope to aid in the fight. Be prepared to put animosities aside if you wish to do anything against the Devourer…

Expedition Schedule

Friday May 31st

1200: Registration & Camping Open

1800 – 2030: Three Crowns Counting House Open

2100: Opening Ceremony

Saturday June 1st

0700: Registration Open

0900: Skirmish #1

1000: Skirmish #2

1100 – 1300:  Scholarly Research

1400:  Adventure at Sea

1400 – 1700: Scholarly Research

1700 – 1830: Dinner Break

1900: Skirmish #3

2000: Skirmish #4

2100: Scholarly Research Ends

2200: Closing Ceremony

Sunday June 2nd

0900 – 1200: Three Crowns Counting House Open

1200: Site Closes

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