COVID Procedure Outline


Disclaimer: Hynafol reserves the right to change any of the policies or procedures concerning Covid-19 testing, safety, and procedures at any time to fit within state and local guidelines. These changes are not subject to advanced warning and may be implemented at any time. All changes will be communicated in writing to participants at the earliest possible opportunity.

We are aware that it is impossible to guarantee that COVID will be kept out of our events.

The Covid situation has been an evolving situation from the start. When we wrote our original Covid plan it was at least 1.5 years ago. 

As with all responsible organizations we have always planned to update our own policies as the event drew nearer.

That being said, considering the current situation with Covid and the recent changes.
Those changes include:

⁃ The covid numbers of infections and related deaths being at “pre pandemic” levels
⁃ The pandemic being declared over by our national government
⁃ Other events testing, vaccination requirements being removed or non-existent, including Sherwood Forest Faire

Hynafol will not be requiring any vaccination or testing requirements.

That being said we would encourage you to take these precautionary steps to keep yourself and others safe:
1. If you feel ill or are experiencing any Covid-like symptoms stay home and do not attend the event.
2. If you develop covid like symptoms during the event isolate and head home.
3. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and/or hand sanitizer often.
4. Feel free to wear a mask if you so choose (they will not be required – and dressing them up is encouraged but not mandatory)

We hope that you understand that we are following the guidance of state, local and federal guidelines as well as from Sherwood Forest Faire.

The Faire where the event is hosted had 11,000 people attending, doing functionally the same thing in the same space and the Hynafol attendance will be much less.

Capacity Limitations
Hynafol will be utilizing 50% capacity protocols at the grounds until further notice. 

All facilities and lodging will receive a deep cleaning before participants’ arrival. Once participants are present a cleaning service will not be provided. 

Mask Policy
Participants will not be required to wear masks for the duration of the event. The entire event is outdoors, with few notable exceptions, and therefore, if masks are not required by the local city and state authorities we will not be requiring masks.

Is there a health screening required upon arrival?


Are there medical services on the grounds?

Basic first aid supplies will be available and will be provided to participants as needed. If further medical treatment is necessary our staff will refer you to local health authorities or medical services as needed. Paramedics will be on site for activities and emergencies.

Participants are required to bring all of their own medication, including any over-the-counter medicines, and prescriptions. Our staff will not administer any medication.

Will I need to social distance?

It is not required. 

Can I leave the site to go into town?

We understand that it may be necessary to leave the grounds during the event. We encourage you to stay for the full experience, but understand if you need to go into town. There are no requirements on leaving.

Do I have to wear a mask?

In short: not unless required by city or state mandates or law. The event takes place entire outdoors with the exception of restrooms. 

Can participants from other tents visit other tents?

We respectfully ask that you do not visit other tents that you are not lodging in out of respect and wellbeing for the other participants. We expect you to do what is right for everyone at the event including others’ spaces and privacies.